There’s a rabbit in my garden, but I don’t care

  • So I’m out in my garden and I hear a rustling noise.  I see a brown object race by my feet and I get a quick glimpse… it’s a rabbit!  It was big too!! At first I was mad – I mean the nerve of him trying to get to all my home grown greens.  The funny thing is I looked around and noticed he hadn’t bothered anything.  I do have carrots in a bucket but even the tops drooping over the edge weren’t eaten.  I knew at that moment I would be happy to see the rabbit in my garden.  No “Mr. McGregor” syndrome for me… I have raised beds – I mean really raised with my urban garden plans.  I LOVE my garden and rabbits are always welcome!  I usually see the rabbit in the mornings so this morning I got a picture.  He’s between the two boxes. Click on the picture to see him bigger. Maybe I should give him a name…

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