Update on oranges

  • navel oranges… starting to turn!

    up close navel

    satsuma – first year harvest… more next year!

    October 22nd, 2012 | 4 Comments |

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  • Linda 10.22.2012

    Is that a dwarf orange tree?

  • No I think it is a regular sized one. I don’t remember buying a dwarf one, it should grow taller in the next few years. It is still young.

  • Which climate zone is that? Is that permanently planted outside? How do you keep it from freezing if you are outside of FL. or S.CA.? Thanks!

  • Chris,
    Hi! I am in zone 9a and it doesnt freeze here. On the rare occasions we get a freeze, I cover it with a planket.
    (found at home depot) Thanks!

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