Sugar Snap Peas – a tasty handful

  • Here’s what I picked yesterday morning in my garden. I usually eat a few in the garden every day because I love eating raw foods and these are some of the sweeter veggies that I love. This variety has grown well for me with no problems. I keep getting more flowers and peas! The sugar snap peas that I recently planted are the shelling type so they should be the thicker ones – which I actually love more than these. I covered everything last night except the broccoli – I heard it is fine in the cold. I have a big party to plan for tonight and company so I have to get to my least favorite thing to do in the world, housework – something about my wiring didn’t come with the excitement factor for cleaning, I do it… but I put it off as long as possible if I can be in my garden or doing something more fun. I recently pinned a link from pinterest on how to clean your house and all sorts of cleaning tips but I haven’t been brave enough to open them…it’s all part of putting it off, okay I can do this! Off to clean my home and start cooking!

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  • joe Van Lente 12.21.2012

    Were working on going vertical with the short plant variety of vegetables. Our target is urban but we are finding out that we compliment bed gardening for the fences and walls next to them. One can never have too much space for gardening.

  • Yes for sure! Thanks Joe for posting and please stay in touch and let me know how your garden is growing!

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