My weight loss journey week 1

  • I committed to lose 30 pounds for one of my New Years Resolutions. The first step in achieving anything is to write it down, or in my case type it. I promised to give updates so here goes my first post in my weight loss journey. I apologize for sharing the boring details of my life, but this blog is the easiest, most accessible accountability partner I could find, thanks for bearing with me through this!

    I have started to run again. Years ago I started running and worked my way up to six miles without stopping. I haven’t run in over a year, so to start up was like getting a rusty bike out of the garage with a flat tire and a broken chain. On my first run, I made it just about 3/4 of a mile until I had to walk. Then several days later, I made it almost 2 miles without stopping! Our bodies are amazing machines. I have a mental battle every morning with my legs and lungs screaming to stop, nagging at my will to keep running. I will win this one! Some thoughts I tell myself over my blarring ipod music are: “This is just like walking”, “I am so grateful I have two legs to run”, “I am grateful for today”, “I am grateful to feel the wind in my hair”, “I am grateful”. Everyone is different, so other thoughts might work for you – these are mine and they work for me. Each day I add another mailbox on my route and go a little bit farther. Running isn’t the only way to exercise – it just works for me. Walking is great too, I just plan to do something for at least 30 minutes a day.

    Last week I had to travel for 5 days, and I didn’t run on my trips. Tomorrow morning I will hit the pavement again. I have lost one pound! I started student teaching today and am finally on a regular schedule so I have no excuses. My tip for you is if you want to lose weight or for that matter, achieve any goal, tell someone and write it down. It helps me when I tell someone my goals and dreams. I will share with you my progress and if you want to lose weight or meet a goal, and feel as brave as me, share your story too. I promise to respond with nothing but praise and encouragement for you! If it helps, comment as anonymous. I plan to run Tuesday through Saturday this week. I will report back and let you know if I did it. Better get some sleep so I have energy to run! Mel

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