Bok choy and broccoli

  • Here are just a few pictures of my bok choy and broccoli. This is my first attempt at growing bok choy. I look forward to trying some in my green smoothies. I put my new tomato plants in the same bed, and still have some more room for something along the trellis. I plan to plant some cucumber seeds along the trellis this week.




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  • Amy Wall-Monte 03.17.2013

    Wow, do they produce when planted that close together? I’m doing broccoli for the first time this year (romanesco and traditional) and read that they needed 3’…my tomatoes definately need more room (but maybe because they are indeterminate…?)

  • Amy,
    Hi! Thanks for the comment! I hadn’t read about broccoli needing that much room, but they did great this past winter, see

      my winter broccoli posts here

    and so far they seem to be producing. I did plant only indeterminate tomatoes last year close and they did great. They went forever on the trellis and produced all summer. I planted both types this spring so we will see how it goes. I probably plant closer than reccomended but with proper watering and fertilizing and compost, it seems to work. I did just pull my boc choy out because it had gotten really big. In this bed, I just have broccoli and tomatoes now, with okra now at the end.

  • Hello, I was wondering what is that you have the plants in

  • Lisa,
    Hi! I have the plants in a garden box I built and designed myself. You can find all the details about how to build it in my plans, with a link on my home page.
    Good luck to you!

  • I have the plants in a garden box that I designed which I call a Raised Urban Garden. My daughter took hundreds of pictures of me building it and I typed up instructions and all the details are in my plans. Thanks for asking and good luck to you! Melanie

  • Where do you get the black containers that are in your raised beds. I have the bed frames but I need the large trough type containers to put on my frames. Thanks a lot. Liz

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