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  • Do you ever have too much food from your garden and don’t have enough neighbors to share it with? If so, this website might be perfect for you!
    Yesterday I received an email for Emily Fulmer with She writes: “ is basically a free online tool for backyard and community gardeners….when they have more food than they can eat/pickle/give to friends they can find a food pantry near them that is ready and able to accept donations of fresh produce. is the only FREE searchable database of pantries in the country, and all of the pantries that have registered are capable of storing and distributing fresh local food to hungry families. We believe that the 40+ million growers across the country can help eliminate hunger in their community if they have the tools the make those important connections.”

    So if you have a big bountiful harvest and can’t eat it all, get on and find a local food pantry that can use it and help feed the hungry!
    I was so excited to find a food pantry in my hometown!
    Thanks Emily for sharing this idea with me.
    Happy Gardening!

    Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.42.30 AM

    Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.42.17 AM

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  • Great idea. I know there are a very similar apps like this as well where you can offer your homegrown veggies.

    My first and best go to though is friends! Nothing says I love you better than just harvested kale and tomatoes!

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