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  • I have decided to share as many pics as I can along my winter garden journey. It was last year that I started all of this and it has been a fun year. My summer garden was crazy big and sucessful and to start over for the winter is so much fun. The only two things to survive are the basil bushes and the strawberries – which there are just a few strawberries. Of course the orange trees and the thornless blackberry bush is wonderful! I will keep you updated. My first thing to harvest will be the radishes because they come off in just 30 days!

    celery and sugar snap peas, spring mix lettuce, cucumber, lima beans and radishes

    spinach, lettuce, basil bush

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  • I grow Basil all summer in North Florida. I enjoy eating it in salads and on my sandwiches. I have a handy hint of what to do with all the extra basil you can’t eat. Pick it and wash it good filling your food processor. Now add a small can of tomato sauce and give it a wirl till it is all blended. Now fill your ice trays and freeze it. I use it all winter in my pots of all kinds of soup. I make huge pots of soup as Christmas gifts to my neighbors so they can have a night off from cooking during this busy time. The Basil ice cubes ( I call them my ugly green ice cubes) are my secreat ingredient in my soup. It gives my soups such a deep flavor. Hope you grow lots of basil and try this.

  • Barbara,
    Thanks for the great idea! I have heard of it but didn’t know the details of how to and now I do. I will give it a try and thanks again for helping me with this great idea!
    So kind of you! Best wishes to you,

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