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  • I am regularly picking cucumbers about every day. I picked five large ones today and made zippy cucumbers. I slightly peeled and sliced them and added vinegar and sugar with fresh dill and salt and pepper. I chilled them and we had them tonight with dinner. They were delish! I planted pickling cucumbers this season. My husband suggested trying them and I took his advice. I have a bunch ready to eat and am not sure how to eat them or how to prepare them. Maybe I will have a go at pickles. If you have any tips or good recipes, send them my way. I am thinking the little ones will eat raw just as good as the larger ones too.

    The cantaloupe, honey-dew, and watermelon are growing nicely. I pinched off about 5 flowers today, hoping the vines will make it to the ground and still make some flowers for a few melons on the ground. The bell peppers look like they will produce a bunch! I have already picked 3 so far. I have lots of green tomatoes and pick about 2-3 light pink ones a day and let them turn bright red in my window. They are great with a little salt and pepper.

    I have some room to plant a few more things. I will try a new variety of radishes thanks to the suggestion of Pamela, The Brooklyn Farm Girl. She has a great website: visit it here for a very inspirational garden on top of her roof in NYC! 













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  • Sonja G 05.29.2013

    So love your pics. Recently ordered your plans and hubby found them so easy to use, he was very impressed with the accurate details!
    I see you are using a trellis for your tomatoes and vines. Can you tell me how you mounted the wire, pics. aren’t showing where you attached it. Thanks so much and happy gardening…Sonja

  • Sonja,
    Hi! So glad your husband found the plans easy to follow, that is the most common response I get from people that order the plans so it makes me happy to hear they worked! I have two types of trellis – the nylon type with a 1×2 wood frame and the cattle panel wire type. I have made two different posts with pictures to help explain how I made them – (I need to make a new post and put all the info together so sorry it is a bit disorganized.)
    Here are some pics on mounting the wire trellis:
    Here are details on both types of trellis and how to make the nylon one:
    Thanks for the question, as it will probably help others too!
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  • Cucumbers looking great! Last year I grew full size cucumbers and cut them down to pickle, but this year I specifically planted kirby pickling version – plants went in about 2 weeks ago, I’m so excited. Pickle obsessed! Love seeing all those orange flowers that will soon be cucumbers! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Last year I made pickles for the first time. I had good success buying the pickling kits from the store but experimented with some other spices. We really liked the bread and butter pickles with a tablespoon of red pepper flakes in the pint jar. If you like it hotter add more, just experiment.

  • Gary,
    Thanks for the tips! I would like to try the bread and butter type because my husband, Kent loves that kind. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I will try to pickle some soon.
    Happy gardening to you!

  • Pat

    Montrose is great for gardening. Bill as planted tomatoes, blackberries, and raspberries. I’ll keep you posted. Love Yukon golds.

  • Pat,
    Wow! I love raspberries – they are so good for you! Keep me posted for sure. Hope you are liking it in Montrose – plenty of sun and so beautiful!
    thinking of you,

  • Sam

    I can’t believe you’re already eating that many cucumbers a day! We’re planning on pickling for the first time this year also, and are eagerly watching our Straight 8 and pickling cukes. We just pickled radishes for the first time (a quick pickle) and they’re so yummy that way! I’ve never thought about pinching the melon flowers as they grow- have you had luck with that in the past? It sounds like a great idea!

  • Sam,
    I haven’t tried the pinching off technique yet, wish me luck! I found many more flowers today too! Feel so bad to pinch off the potential for fruit but it is a necessary step to growing a big melon on the ground. I’ll update on the progess! Hoping it works!

  • Melanie,
    How do you feed your plants? Do you use compost tea or anything special. I planted my cucumbers in late April. They are growing but it will be a while before I get to pick my first cucumber of the season.

  • Oune,
    Hi! I feed my plants one a week with a fertilizer and I also compost. I have never made the compost tea. How exciting about your cucumbers. I am enjoying a lot of them lately.
    Here is a blog post about how I care for my garden.
    Good luck to you!
    keep me posted on how your garden is growing.
    thanks for the comment!

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